Word of the Week and Random Fact

Word of the Week:

Longanimity (noun)   [long-guh-nim-uh-tee]
A disposition to bear injuries patiently: forbearance

Random Fact:
A man from Minnesota, William A. Mitchell,  invented Cool Whip, Pop Rocks and Tang.

Have a great week

New Crawl Way: Interactive Wall for Children

The library has a new interactive wall for our younger patrons called the "Crawl Way". Children can learn about animals and nature that can be found here in Rome. Children can remove, re-arrange the pictures, and read books about the animals they see in the pictures. We invite you to come to the library and take a look. Thank you to Bob Stoil, The Photographers Eye, for donating the pictures and creating this concept for our younger patrons.

Adult Reading Program: Rome to Rome Reading Road Trip

The library will be offering an Adult Reading Program September 1st thru November 30th. For each book read, you will move one step closer to Rome, Italy. When you "arrive" in Italy, you will be entered to win our Road Trip Prize Bundle.  You can register by calling 715-325-8990, emailing Renee at rdaley@romepubliclibrary.org or sign up at the desk. If you have questions please call the library.


Herb Garden

The herb garden at the library is full of wonderful herbs just waiting to be picked. Pick some to spice up your dinner tonight. Please remember to bring your own bag to collect them in and only pick the leaves so that others may enjoy them too.