Face coverings mandatory in library starting Monday, August 3rd

Effective Monday, August 3rd,  face coverings will be mandatory while in the library per the Governor's Emergency Order. If you cannot or do not wish to wear a face covering while in the library, please call the library at 715-325-8990 and arrangements can be made to assist you.

Thank you

New Library Hours starting on Monday, August 3rd

Starting on Monday, August 3rd, the library will be adjusting our hours of operation. The library will be open Monday thru Friday from 10:00am-5:00pm for all ages. We will not be open on Saturdays.

Library Service Level 4 to begin on August 3rd, 2020.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call the library at 715-325-8990 or email Renee at rdaley@romepubliclibrary.org

Thank you
Renee Daley

Word of the Week and Random Fact

Word of the Week and Random Fact:

Risibility (noun) [riz-uh-bil-i-tee]
The ability or disposition to laugh; humorous awareness of the ridiculous and absurd.

Random Fact:
25% of all bottled water in the US comes from the city's tap including Aquafina and Dasani.

have a great week

Herb Garden

The herb garden at the library is full of wonderful herbs just waiting to be picked. Pick some to spice up your dinner tonight. Please remember to bring your own bag to collect them in and only pick the leaves so that others may enjoy them too.