General Policy (PDF)                                                                                                               


Circulation Policy-  (PDF)

Charges -Appendix C  (PDF)

Library Bill of Rights -Appendix D (PDF)

Freedom to Read Statement-Appendix E (PDF)

Freedom to View Statement -Appendix F (PDF)

Statement of Concern -Appendix G (PDF)

Internet Policy-Appendix H (PDF)

Confidentiality -Appendix J (PDF)

Library and Town Contact Information -Appendix K (PDF)

Inclement Weather Policy -Appendix M (PDF)

Naming Rights -Appendix N (PDF)

Social Networking -Appendix O (PDF)

Appropriate Behavior- Appendix P (PDF)

Smoking and Tobacco Use -Appendix Q (PDF)

Staff Cell Phone- Appendix R (PDF)

Community Room and Application - Appendix S (PDF)

Emergency Closure Policy