New LinkCat mobile App

New LINKcat mobile app enhances usability

Mobile computing devices have changed the way we communicate, shop and interact with the world around us. Public Libraries are no exception, and on June 1 a new LINKcat mobile app will be rolled out that will enhance interaction with the online library catalog. “We know how important library services are to residents,” said SCLS Director Martha Van Pelt. “That is why we are so excited about the new LINKcat mobile app that will bring enhanced functionality and usability.” In July 2020 an SCLS workgroup issued its final recommendation to proceed with development of a new LINKcat mobile app from Solus due to its high level of overall satisfaction as rated by the workgroup members (4.7 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best). Another factor was the satisfaction level for the app criteria as compared to other vendors. “Our current mobile app is outdated,” Van Pelt said, “and a group of dedicated librarians worked together to improve the library experience for all users. The result is this new app, which will be a huge step forward for library patrons and libraries.”

The new app will be available for both Apple and Android devices and will be easier to use and more tightly integrated with LINKcat. Some of the features are:

  • a digital library card;

  • Spanish language labels and messages;

  • more accessibility features for patrons;

  • ability to search LINKcat and limit LINKcat searches;

  • ability to place and manage holds;

  • ability to view checkouts and due dates, and renew materials; and

  • a list of LINKcat libraries with directions, hours, and contact information;

In addition to the enhancements included in the new app, the more modern software platform will provide the option for future improvements like the potential addition of other languages, and the option for libraries to do special customization for local features.

“One hallmark of a modern app is the frequency of vendor updates and bug fixes,” Van Pelt said. “We are thrilled that the new LINKcat mobile app will be able to remain current regardless of iOS or Android updates, and therefore more relevant for those who rely on the app.”

The new LINKcat mobile app will be available to the public on June 1. Users will be able to download it from either the Apple or Android App stores. An online video tutorial for app users will be available later at

The current Library Anywhere mobile app for LINKcat will expire on June 30, 2021.